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Here are some subliminal misconceptions cleared up...

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As I have received feedback from my clients, customers - and even others of my clients that have switched over to my is what I have found to be the most confusing challenges facing those using my audios -


1. Do I have to use the subliminals for a set number of days - and if so, how long per day should I listen?

This is a pretty flexible system...where you listen as consistently as possible, for as long as you can each day.  If you wanted to listen for just an hour a day, you may do so...but please understand that 3+ hours of listening per day is ideal - and recommended for best results. 


2. I have results from your audios, but I don't know how to measure...which next audio I should pick next. Is there a way to know for sure so that I don't pick something I don't want or like?

This is actually far simpler than you might imagine, and that would just be to ask me what you should use next. Tell me your overall goals, and I can just guide you along with your subliminal usage over time. 


3. How do I know I will get results from your audios - is there a way to use them so that I know they'll work for me?

Technically, if you are human - my subliminals will work for you...without question. 

There is no way for them not to work because of the way our minds and brains work together, there is literally no way (no chance for failure) and therefore this worry is almost irrelevant, because even my most stubborn clients and customers have experienced deep change long term -

And nope - there are no side effects from using my subliminals, so as long as you are a human being willing to try something impossibly help change your life for the better. 


4. If I don't achieve the stuff that I desire within 1 - 3 months - what happens and do I continue listening?

That is almost a challenging question, but that might mean that you are not done healing and getting over past issues. Often I see people who honestly need upwards of 2 - 6 months on a healing subliminal...and that's if they are consistently dealing with their issues in a way that helps them move forward. That almost is not a question - but when you are on a subliminal for 3 months and realize that you should be healing other issues at this point - it might be a good idea to create or chart your results over time so that you can see how you have changed...then ask for guidance on where to go from there. 

Realistically...these subliminals can be used forever, but it is  best to follow a guided series of audios so that you can get the best results from your listening over time. 


5. Are you saying that these subliminals can be used forever? - and if that is the case, how do we know when we're finished with a particular set of goals considering that we might not stop listening for a long time?

This is a far easier question than you might imagine. 

As long as you set reasonable goals (that i help guide you through a journal or email - to achieve) you will find that life changes and morphs drastically over time - and that everything you experience is part of you becoming a better...and stronger person. 

Just concentrate on the changes and releasing past problems and issues - and you will see how deeply your goals shift and change over time. With routine and consistent use...almost nothing is out of reach when it comes to your goals and what you can achieve - over time. 

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