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Here are are the prototype and experimental audios I have been working on for the past several years.

Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but if you need extra support - please either send an email to heavysm@gmail.com, or comment below.


Max Relax (1st gen - $5) - Helps you disconnect from stress and negative mental and emotional turmoil in general, then guides you to become far more relaxed. Guides you to be and sustain a calmer and more relaxed physical, emotional and mental state of existence. 

Lite Heal (1st gen - $5) - Guides you through a mild to moderate emotional and mental cleanse. You will know generally what your issues are and that they are gradually being dealt with with a mild cleansing. Can take 2 - 3 months of continuous use for this to adequately deal with internal problems, issues and blocks within your subconscious mind.

Life Clarity Lite (1st gen - $30) - Mild release of everything nasty and negative from our past that isn’t serving us well at all, then guides us on a small detox and brings us more positive beliefs and emotions, then mildly boosts mental clarity - happiness, and personal well being.

Enhanced Learning & Memory (1st gen - $30) - First generation technology (similar to life clarity lite) which helps to boost your general learning ability so that you can remember facts and information better, then gradually opens your focus so that you can persistently learn whatever you need without fail. 

Deep Heal (2nd gen - $50) – Incredibly deep detox of everything from your present and past with deep and cleansing release of the negativity of your past with positive outlook, and mental clarity, insight and mild intuition boost to help balance everything out.

Maximum Sleep (coming soon - $50) - Drive your sleep into another dimension as you drop old paradigms that cause you unrest and unbearable nights of...just not being able to drift off. This shifts your brain into a notably quieter state and guides you into very deep sleep almost within the few several minutes. 

Defeat Negativity (coming soon - $50) - Overcome that nagging, complaining and balatantly negatively...just horrible mindset and thinking - which is almost a way of living for some people. You will notice a drastic positive change in the first 7 days and realize...that somehow...some way - the world is actually much happier and joyful than you ever thought (positivity programming and general life outlook booster). 

Deepest Heal (coming soon - $60) - Experience the fullest and deepest release from current and past emotional, mental and physical negativity and subconscious garbage your life could possibly handle. Mild emotional buffer included, but this can be very intense if you have a lot of internal negativity you know that you cling onto.

Learning & Memory Amplifier (2nd gen - $60) - Expands on the growth that the Amplifier can give you...and brings you to a whole new level of mental absorption and recall. Also helps develops your daily mental clarity, focus and memory generally over several weeks and months of use. Best used while you are either attempting to learn or memorize certain material, or just as a daily mental focus and memory aid.

Maximum Sexual Attraction (2nd gen - $70) - Enhances your energy in a way that helps those you find sexually attractive to notice and respond to you far more. As you heal away past and current sexual issues your energy and attractive force gets stronger and causes those you find sexually attractive to react to your energy. 

Productivity Amplifier (coming soon - $50) - Brings you to a higher level of internal and personal motivation to get the job done...then shifts your general mindset to get into your work rather than begrudgingly bringing yourself to get your tasks done - now you are suddenly reprogrammed to be not just more positive about your work load...but actually productive and focused on whatever needs to be completed each day. 

Defeat The Cold & Flu (coming soon - $50) - Guides your mind and body to overcome and as quickly as possible...defeat whatever illness possesses your mind body and spirit. To be used when you notice the first symptoms of your ailment hitting your body and senses.

Complete Life Detox (coming soon - $50) - Cleanse and release from all the current and past trash thinking, actions and beliefs that you somehow could not move on from, then detox everything over a several month period of letting go and deep cleansing. Best if used with deep heal or deepest heal.

Business Success (1st gen - $70) - Develop your mindset and internal foundation to create a stable and profitable business for long term growth that will propel you to newer and greater heights over time (highly recommended to use Deep Heal or Life Clarity Lite for internal clearing prior to usng this sub).

Ultimate Success & Luck (2nd gen - $50) - Changes your core beliefs so that you are thinking and eventually acting based on success and living a life that reflects true luck, fortune and serendipity as a routine and constant occurrence.

Life Clarity Prototype (2nd gen - $400) – Brings you to understand yourself, what you want out of life, then shifts your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be far more positive and upbeat in general. Causes you to release from past tension and negativity in such a way that you can move forward with success and removal of negative money beliefs leading you to build a better financial life.


Please comment below if you have any questions - or else email me directly at heavysm@gmail.com. 


You can see my future releases...as well as all available audios listed here as well:

Subliminal Mind Audios - Reality Bending Audios

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