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[Sticky] Conscious Evolution...

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To enable...vastly deep understanding is our conquest here -

And that is no joke as compared to where our newest findings and travels literally might take us.


I would like to endeavor to share and record my own knowledge as my angels and demons...

And other spirits of the daylight, but also the nightshade come out of the wood work to celebrate new beginnings -


Here is what my and our journeys have to offer:

Conscious Evolution - Level 1

Forgetting Why Lies Happen - Level 2

Reflection As Daily Life - Level 3

Entering A New Revolutionary Age - Level 4

To Shift Great Energy Forward - Level 5

Internal Growth As Standard - Level 6


Blatant disregard for the truth is nothing that will happen...

Because big brother has been revealed - the black aliens, murdockians and reptilians have all been mislead -


And now we have found ourselves back...damn near at square one somehow.

But that is not a bad thing whatsoever -


Because we just have to move onward, and nope - nothing will hold us back from assimilating and believing pure majestic...

...and that's just whatever our experience brings us.

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