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April 6, 2019 9:33 am  

In a titanic world -

...full of vibrance, characters and unfathomable ideas and colors...


That is almost what society is missing, but we cannot stray too far from the truth -

And this is that we have to embrace adventure over fallacy and lies, everyday that we live...


The storms of yesteryear and today will pass without too much trouble and pain -

But we still have to fight it within ourselves to figure out what mortality - time, and anguish mean to us...

Honestly, and truly - I wish for us all to escape, even temporarily - into another dimension and world.


This is going to get a little - and perhaps even possibly, gigantically out of proportions in all the best and most frightening ways anyone can fathom.

We just need to march into a new land, through some words on a paper - even if digital...


And know that there is no place like home...because that is within the heart, and that feels just right in a very blatantly emotional and logical -

But hideously correct, and obvious way.


Here we are, to start another adventure -

Curious Literature - Discover a new world...


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