Even short stories....

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We might find hidden ideas...and not even treasures -

Of a lost age, or even of other little items and knickknacks that no one wants to trash - but only hold dear...


But what if our elders were wrong about all the fables, myths and legends - because everything has to come together in a vastly different way.

Because holy hell, and damn -


How on earth do we end up forgetting such precious details about everything...

That doesn't bode well with a strong future, and i hate to say - seriously and for real -


That our worlds would do much better without the headaches and likely even - heartaches from times past.

Our lives are just open for business, and nothing else really truly makes a difference except for...


The fact that we can make everything better - vastly, and far far just...my good god -

Incredibly, and unfathomably better in all ways that make sense the least - and possibly just fish around for true answers.


Nothing is left, except to embrace a warm winter, spring - summer, and not even the fall - but autumn feels nice, and so too -

...as we get back into the cold season and years...

Where now we might have a nice piece of words on a digital page, or even...whatever you have to read on - to occupy our minds and worlds differently.

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