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Please open your minds and thoughts to whatever spirit based - or godly stuff you wish to discuss here, and I will do my best to answer any questions.

Considering that everyone comes from a very different and unknown background, again - please be open minded about what you read, how you respond - and let us all feel into what it really makes to be spirits walking around in human bodies!

Obvious rules include...

No flaming trolling...or obviously aggressive or rude, crude and threatening verbs or nouns of any kind (rather obvious shit...)

No irrelevant posts to clear topic that have nothing to do with anything. We all  have brains, so please use yours prior to posting - all offensive, irrelevant and openly negatively charged posts will have the user and all associated with whatever they have caused...just know that this is pretty much banning territory...


And nothing else really - because we have to keep, maintain - and sustain a very open and friendly environment, and hopefully (and very likely -)

This spirit run forum will last into the months, years...

...and centuries to come!

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