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But almost trip on how reality is in general -


Really, seriously guides us forward - and toward that next level of sanity, but also...

Something far deeper that makes complete sense, and I want everyone to know that our lives and life purposes actually...technically -


Have to have meaning, and that is something far deeply grander than we could have initially thought about - or imagined directly.

Because it all has to matter during the journey, and in the end...


And this is what I have to offer:

Why Does That Even Matter? - Level 1

I Seriously Just Want The Truth - Level 2

Blunt Force Trauma As A Way Of Life - Level 3

Opening Thy Soul Into The New World Order - Level 4

To Tragically Force Truth Inwardly - Level 5

False Reality To Be Exposed - Level 6

Knowing That Epoch Will Deny Them All - Level 7

Feeling Into A Very Final Apocalypse - Level 8


Understanding the world and our minds as a function of...

Something far greater and more meaningful - all of that has to be some crazy purposeful shit.


And that's obviously no joke at this point, but yes - and yep - that's all I have to offer, going into the coming years - decades...


Millennia and beyond -



To embrace...horrors beyond all measure and almost - 

Reality, might mean to enjoy each moment for what its all worth...


Then fall inwardly and plummet backwards into a new dimension -

Because it all has to become better, and our mental and emotional lives have to be a lot stronger in general. 


Religion might be a taboo and touchy subject - but we are about to heavily transcend that in the coming works and smaller story-like volumes in a very systematic...


Though entirely productive and personally fascinating ways -

Reliving Horrors Of My Early Life - Level 1

Believing Into A Trauma Of Terrors - Level 2

Hating The Fact That Their Lies Eat Up Deception - Level 3

Making The Sun Want More Freedom - Level 4

Beginning A New Mental Paradigm - Level 5

To Know God Without Confusion - Level 6

How To Not Belief In False Gods - Level 7

Ensuring That The Devil Does Not Live Again - Level 8


This beastly run of a lifetime and journey into...

Hopefully not the abyss - has become a very hectic and sidetracked trip into something that most people cannot remotely...and even fathom in their own ways. 


Something has to break, and those past and older religious paradigms of thought and personal merit...

Just have to die away in a very crudely unique way that help to bring us all to the next new levels of conscious awareness and growth. 

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