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To become yourself - cannot mean that others are confused over nothing...

And we equally but firmly have to embrace that our lives and general meaning -


Nothing has ever been - nor will ever be...

...farther from the truth, than that we are infinite potential completely wasted.


It just has to be stated that this is my journey written as...almost an epoch, but that's for reality - and that comes right after we explore our own personal revolutions...

And though this is what I offer - please don't say that the world is anything regretful or negative:


The Journey Of I - Level 1

Hitting The Masses With Broken Glass - Level 2

They Could Only Wish - Level 3

Blanketing The Heavens With Loud Tears - Level 4

To Unmask Reality - Level 5

Shifting My Mind Into This Reality - Level 6

Feeling Into The Blank - Level 7

Understanding Those Negative Emotions Eternally - Level 8

Believing Nothing But Reptilian Lies - Level 9

His Name Was Never Alive - Level 10


Shifting back into this time period means that we have to understand ourselves and others pretty radically, and...


We simply cannot move back to our old lessons, lives - and selves as a large pronounced error that we think cannot be take back.

I would like to say that it has been an honor and privilege to work with you all, but this is all going into very curiously dark - yet surprising territory at this point -


And nothing else can hold you back, but your own desire to keep and stay asleep.



Follow a heinously bewildering trail into another world...


Where life goes well - and somehow ends up falling apart on purpose

Because everything is never quite -


How anyone thought...

Foreboding -

Cementing My Mark Into History -

Tales From The Undead -

To Feast Upon The Fire -

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