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These are a series of writings made to open your soul and mind (hopefully mutually) so that everything just aligned within your world view and life as a whole...

Nothing will be out of place - but you just might realize that everything is within a very different way, but only if you shift your perspective in order to see things just that much differently.

If nothing else, this should tweak and alter your perception to such a degree that everything somehow...someway -

Suddenly makes sense - but only in a vastly different way.


Here's what I have to offer:

Cosmic Truth & Personal Ascension - Level 1

To Feel The Devil Up Close - Level 2

Understanding Liberty As A Way Of Life - Level 3

Destroying Old Paradigms - Level 4

To Life Within Grace And Divinity - Level 5

Cosmic Understanding & Personal Truth - Level 6


Be warned that this is an incredibly intense series to undertake, and that it would likely take a few years to get through everything.

Understand that the first level must be purchased first prior to ascending to each of the higher levels - and that will be exactly what you want to do over time, and nothing can hold you back from finally...

You just have to see what each level of this...whatever you wish to call this stuff - happens to hold for you and your conscious mind.


...and that isn't what they're here for.

Because life grows and goes on, in a very devastating but fool hardy way that no one truly and really understands -

They want us to thrive and grow, but the others want us to die away - almost helpless to the consequences...


And they want us to know, and reflect on what it means to be human - almost at all times, by the way - and that means to embrace our personal freedoms for the last round of craziness, mayhem and personal reflection.


Abruptly enough...this is what I have to offer:

Aliens & Hard To Believe Stuff - Level 1

To Feel Into A Prism Of Hell - Level 2

Why They & We Have To Be Here - Level 3

Conveying Truth Both Directions - Level 4

To Directly Feel Into Sadness & Insanity - Level 5

Opening A Carcass To Understand Hope - Level 6


Containing that open want for more truth is nothing to question - nor sneeze at...

Because it all happens at break neck pace, and few things in this world point to majesty and open freedom -


Likely and only too sorely pointed toward the directions of hatred, malice - and general silence altogether.


Something tells me that we are in this together, and it has to be a thing that our lives and questions matter altogether -

Or else that time bomb of obvious reality will come marching in...


And we won't have anything else to say, except for the fact that our lives and emotions won't have anything more to -

...not even reflect on, but to understand - and comprehend what it means to be truly and fully human.


Amping up your mind to the point -

That you can easily and forthrightly understand and believe...


All the stuff about the occult and the devil - head on, and without any derivative mercy - 

...some of that has to be a little obviously different, because big brother and the devil have to be...


I don't even know how to say that...they have to be connected in some way - right?


Here is what my research brings you...some insanely and hideously devilish stuff:


Understanding How Lucifer Fucked Us All - Level 1

Vlad Ain't A Real Nothing Idea - Level 2

Big Brother And The Fucking Devils - Level 3

Please Disregard How Bloody This All Got - Level 4

Pained To Know That Lilith Was Never So Bad - Level 5

Opening Blood Shot Eyes To Devil Truth - Level 6

Hitting Open Reptilian Lies With Truth Bombs - Level 7

They Shall Forever Slice Their Tongues And The Truth - Level 8


To know how the devils operate is a very obtuse and obscure - sucked dry idea. 

Because it does not fully and completely make sense that our minds and other things...


Just know and feel into the black experience that the devils - the reptilians, and big brother as a whole bring to the table. 

This is all going to heinously flip upwards and backwards into another portal of a different dimension -


And nope - you just have to follow along in order to understand. 

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