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Understanding what spirituality means...

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This might be a vague and broad topic, but there are few places that specifically talk about what spirituality means - and how that relates to our life purpose. 

Spirituality should be thought of more specifically as how our bodies relate to our souls, and more generally...about how our soul lessons relate to this life. That then points us to understanding life purpose in terms of what we have previously agreed that this life and world would be about. This then points to love life - career, work - and other things of very grand importance in this world. 


If you dive deeper, we have the ideas of the occult, and why knowing about the devils of this universe - how and why angels exist...and how all of that relates to your life purpose in particular - and for many...what it means to understand aliens, big brother...and how that might relate back to the devils...such as lucifer, satan, samael - santa muerte, and el diablo (which might be far fucking more relevant in all of our lives than most people might imagine!)


This is not a small topic though, so I just ask you to keep an open mind as we dive deeper into the idea of murdockians - the incubus, succubus phenomena, and how that might deeply relate back to big brother and the reptilians.  

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