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This is some serious stuff, so I'll go through what rituals I have done on the forum itself - and further what that means to be a member here in general...

There are almost too many spirits to name for the dozens of rituals active on this please understand that this is an overview of what is magickally going on within the pages of this site -


Overall, there is a very uniquely special protective ritual, using the angels, demons and djinn - and this helps us all remain focused and relaxed while we approach the subjects on this forum and site, and rebounds negative energy, curses and all other bad or otherwise negative energy as it is thrown at our members (must be a registered user).

This blanket protective ritual causes those who have acted against me or any of our members's just say have a very bad time if they are acting purposefully unjustly or negatively against us, or those we care for and anyone that matters to us.

The spirits know who to protect, and none of this will get too far out of hand in general - because the ritual was made over time, and gets redone every several weeks to ensure that all of us are reasonably safe in all ways that matter most.


The djinn and several Greeks, with some others like Azazel and Inanna are in a separate but very important civility and insight ritual so that you can post knowing that what you intended to write is actually meaningful and important to whatever you need or desire to have answered.

That was crucial because too many forums have far too many out of balance topics, and we need some mental and in many cases - just focus when it comes to making a post that has relevancy and makes sense -

All of this comes together very beautifully and purposefully in a different but important and relevant way - because we are likely to spend not a small amount of time on this forum, but it needs to be nurtured and evolved over time...


Finally, there is a mild to moderate luck and serendipity ritual - which uses the angels, demons - the Egyptians and a few djinn and norse gods very differently.

Because these spirits work with bringing you closer to your goals, desires and needs on a continual basis - all of this points to your lives becoming better as you participate as registered users on the forum (either just reading or writing posts...writing stuff isn't required, but sharing good energy is!).

And we will be pushing this very large and hefty ritual into the skies above, as I had in more spirits over time, and possibly seek out the help of the djinn rulers, with the demon kings slowly nudging some very miraculous moments into each of our lives -


This is definitely a long term project...

Meaning the forum and this big ass ritual, which is actually a series of rituals on the site - so that should cover pretty much everything needed, and if any of you have any questions -

Please reach out of to me at:


...for whatever it is that you have a question about or need.

Or else just ask your question here on the forum, and that should be fine.


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This will be strengthened over the coming weeks and months to help you understand your needs, wants - desires, and other things better...

...thereby giving you a much deeper experience on the forum and in life in general. 


The only drawback here is that you MUST be a registered member of the forum...and not just someone who lurks and looks at the posts without a personal login for yourself -

That's just how it works, but the forum bind gets better over the coming weeks and months, and things just get funner and a bit stranger (in a good way -) we continue on along. 

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