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[Sticky] Life Purpose, Your Psyche & Money

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You have to understand that this is something crazy different -

And I'm not about to sell you on anything...

But really - and truly...honestly -

I don't give a shit about money when it comes to this stuff.


This is what I have regarding Life Purpose & Success, and if you want to be part of it - there you have it:

Life Success & Hideous Lies - Level 1

Opulence & Earth Shattering Discovery - Level 2

Wealth & Understanding Nothingness - Level 3

Prosperity As It Relates To The Whole - Level 4

Destroying The Idea Of Happiness - Level 5

To Drive Into A New Reality - Level 6


Obviously, we have to play by your rules...

And if you have chosen wisely or even sincerely playfully positively - one cares - almost, at this point - and we just have to move on.

Please enjoy my literature of short and longer length stories if you seriously can't strike the buy button of this pages of...anything -

Because life is about to open wide spread, and it will all hurt quite a bit...


If you elect to express yourself through the -

And I've already lost...not even interest, but big brother doesn't want either of us to succeed - and we just need to act quickly.



Developing a firm understanding of this reality starts within at first -

Then goes very deeply within...meaning to the core of your thinking and mind as a whole.

I want get psychologically deep here, but we may not be wholly separated - nor divergent from the topics of self awareness and very curiously apparently, but detached internal discovery as it honestly and seriously...

You just need to see for yourself...really - because I likely have much more to say...but just not here in this post.


Just stuff to consider:

Comprehending A Backwards Thought - Level 1

Waking Up To A Smelly Reality - Level 2

Burning Into A New Hope - Level 3

Getting Slapped Through The Fourth Dimension - Level 4

Making Contact With The Higher Gods - Level 5

Understanding Deliverance Through Internal Evolution - Level 6


These works might crack your brain - or better yet...


It might just shatter your entire reality in half - or into other sized pieces that won't be easily put together.

You might want to distract yourself with some of my other writings on the side as you contemplate consuming these...either way, it's up to you.

One way or another, you will have to break, and admit to yourself that this world and universe as a whole is and always was -


Just way weirder and strange than you could have possibly imagined - and that's not a promise, so much as it is just a warning of all the crazed up and out good things that are coming your way when the energy of awakening finally...

...I suppose you just need to read at this point, and that's not my sales pitch either -

That's a damn near promise that life will never be the same.

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